Badminton Racket


Product Description
Train the force skillfully at home, comprehend the skills at the court-make badminton simple!

For a long time, many badminton players are hoping to find one kind of badminton self-training equipment that is convenient to carry, and simple to use, to make it easy to raise badminton level by self-training in their spare time. However, it is not easy because of the too-heavy training equipment or the too-single function. Now, there is one kind of badminton self-training equipment invented by experts-¡°Qiaofali¡± Suit Trainers- being pushed into the market, which realized the players¡¯ dream of carrying conveniently and training at any time, with a comprehensive function and an obvious effect. The ordinary players can raise their level rapidly by using ¡°Qiaofali¡±. In the shortest time, they knock the socks of many players and defeat more.

To use ¡°Qiaofali¡± Suit Trainers, please practice and intensify according to ¡°Crash Tutorial¡±:

1¡¢ Shoulder force

2¡¢ Forearm in-out revolving force

3¡¢ Wrist force: up-back hand wrist force for high ball, up-back hand wrist force for lift ball, up-back hand wrist force for underarm catch, up-back hand wrist force for flat drive.

4¡¢ Finger-shaking force

5¡¢ Thumb force

6¡¢ Finger-twisting force

7¡¢ Finger force: up-back hand finger force for high ball, up-back hand finger force for flat drive, up-back hand finger force for reciprocal slice, up-back hand finger force for hook ball

All the training content can be found as detailed guide and pictures in ¡°Crash Tutorial¡±

¡°Qiaofali¡± Suit products (Qiaofali trainers+ Qiaofali tutorial+ Qiaofali class studying card) is a comprehensive resolving strategies to improve badminton force. By using ¡°Qiaofali¡± Trainers to practice, ¡°Qiaofali¡± Tutorial to guide, and internet class video and pictures, the training requirement of players of different levels can be satisfied.
1)Qiaofali trainers: the first choice of amateurs and professional athletes to practice force and raise power.
2)¡°Qiaofali Tutorial¡±: The tutorial is straightaway, the method is simple, and the effect is obvious; Qiaofali Tutorial is edited and designed full-heartedly by many authors, using somewhat hoarse yet fashionable Kraft in order to feel like kung fu novel.
3)Qiaofali internet class: The super-worthy product service, provided by Qiaofali training net, includes technical consultation, a large quantity of training video and technical pictures, so that the players can learn and practice at home, in the office, at any time. Just several minutes can improve the badminton level constantly.